an intro

what makes you feel most alive? me, i’d say three things: photography, travel and a good story. i’ve dabbled in a bit of everything, from guitar to fashion to skating, even played soccer for 6 years, but nothing ever compared. when you’re truly passionate about something, it just kind of becomes who you are. like, people just expect me to show up late (btw, I am working on that), with a camera in my hand and talk about where ive been or where im going next. thats me, i love to tell stories and share my experiences with anyone who wants to listen, especially the random ones that i still cant wrap my head around, like the time i met ed reed at stongehenge, wild right?

one of the reasons i took so long to start this blog was because i thought i had to limit myself to one passion at a time, which honestly sounds so crazy to think that i would’ve even thought that way at one point in my life. i mean think about it, some people don’t even have ONE passion, they just do what they need to do to get by and they are perfectly fine with that. but thats just not me, i am who i am because of what sets my soul on fire and so here i am to talk about it all, my life, the good and bad, and to hopefully fingers crossed inspire you and yours. i promise one thing, to keep it as real as possible, which means you probaly aren’t going to like, agree with or condone everything that i have to say or want to share, and that’s fine. oh and btw, there is actually a fourth thing on that list, but im gonna keep it PG for now. (don’t wanna scare y’all off just yet)

so i don’t remember the first time i picked up a camera, but i do remember the moment I realized i couldn’t live without it. i was 15 years old, walking around centennial park with my homegirls and my first dslr, a canon rebel xt, which i still have, btw. before that, i was never without a disposable camera. i’d empty my allowance on them, bring them to school, photograph all the homies, and wait til next week’s allowance to get them developed. true story, i got detention a few times in school because cameras weren’t allowed and i would always forget to turn my damn flash off. even younger than that, i would dress up my cousins, pose them and then use my mema’s polaroid to photograph them. i could go on forever. at a very young age, i was fascinated by the ability to capture a unique moment and make it last forever, and im still fascinated by that daily.

ive been talking about starting a travel blog since 2014, when I first began traveling solo and traveling often, but I got caught up in truly enjoying the moment and, well, you cant be mad at that. im lucky to have seen quite a bit of this beautiful planet we occupy, twenty-five countries to be exact, but at the same time, i haven’t even scratched the surface like i want to. traveling is second nature to me, my parents divorced when i was pretty young so they'd fly me back and forth from louisiana to tennessee, and i just got used to the whole process at an early age. i love people watching at the airport, flying through the clouds, walking into a city where no one speaks my language, and getting lost on little streets that lead you to hidden gems and local eats. with that being said, if you’re looking for the most instagrammable spots in bali or how to take the perfect selfie with the eiffel tower, you’re in the wrong place.

if you know me or have met me beyond the internet, you know how much i talk. no really, unless im a fly on the wall in the studio or just being socially awkward that day, i’ll talk your ears off and tell you the same story over and over again, if you let me. and thats exactly how i want to go about this, just me telling stories as i would in person. some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some will be from the past and some will be from my current life in new orleans. there will be no particular order, but there will be photographs.

talk to you soon,

laiken joy